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Retirement Seminar
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Power UP Your Retirement Planning Seminar

Are you one of the 400,000 Canadians retiring this year? Are you excited about your retirement, but have not yet started planning and/or you have a few fears and concerns?

Retirement is not just about getting ready financially. Although many pre-retirees are concerned about their finances, money isn’t the only thing on their minds.

The impact of non-financial issues like social and emotional factors plays a big role in a successful retirement. In fact, research has shown that almost half of people entering into retirement struggle with the transition into a post-career life.

Redworks Communications and Coaching (Marielle) is pleased to bring to Saskatoon the first Power UP Your Retirement Lifestyle Seminar.

In this half-day seminar, Marielle will speak about the most common fears people have about retirement, have attendees think about their own fears; and come up with actions to overcome; and encourage them to take action (painless and priceless.)

You will also hear presentations from a seasoned realtor about downsizing (camper van anyone?); a top-notch lawyer who loves to help her clients organize their estate (really it will be fun); and a savvy certified financial planner who will mesmerize you (in a good way) about financial planning.

Retirement planning is more than just financial. Start planning today for a meaningful and fulfilling retired life.

Make a date with your gal pals or your partner and mark your calendar for:

Saturday, March 9, 2019

12:30 – 5:30 pm

Le Relais Community Hall

308 4th Avenue North, Saskatoon

Tickets: Advance $39.99 plus GST; at the door $45 plus GST

Retirement Seminar
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Marielle Gauthier, owner of Redworks Communications and Coaching, is an accredited professional executive and personal coach. She loves helping her clients plan for a meaningful and fulfilling retired life. When she is not coaching, Marielle plays the violin with the Saskatoon Fiddle Orchestra and volunteers with Leadership Saskatoon.

What scares you about retirement?

Marielle will talk about:

  • top 10 fears People have about retirement

  • tips on overcoming these fears

  • a method to help you discover the core reasons behind your fears and

  • how to take action


Elizabeth Williamson is a lawyer in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Her practice, Williamson Law, focuses on Wills, Estates, Residential Real Estate, Small Business and Governance. Elizabeth enjoys helping her clients plan for their succession. She believes an organized estate is a valuable gift that we can all leave for our families.

Elizabeth has been active in the community, serving on the boards of St. Andrew’s College, Broadway Business Improvement District, St. Martin’s United Church, Saskatoon Zoo Foundation and Friends of the Broadway Theatre. Elizabeth has two daughters in high school and a very supportive husband.

Where There is a Will, There is a Way.

Elizabeth will speak about:

  • Why you need a will

  • What you need to consider in preparing your will,

  • Common concerns when planning your estate

  • benefits of having a power of attorney and a Health Care Directive (also known as a living Will.)

  • She will also answer questions on estate planning.


Henry Moulin has been helping individual downsize for more than 30 years.  He knows his business, just ask his clients!  Henry keeps the needs of the client paramount, is knowledgeable on all downsizing options, and works to ensure that his clients have the information they need to make the best decision possible.  Henry is active in our community, and a leader in the Real Estate Industry.  He is married to his wife of 33 years, Linda, and they have raised seven children and have 13 grandchildren.

Is Downsizing the Right Move for you?

Henry will cover the options when considering downsizing. 

  • Why downsize?

  • What to consider before you downsize

  • Costs to downsize

  • Alternatives to Condo living

  • Is there a right time to make a move?


Norm Lalonde is a Certified Financial Planner and a Registered Retirement Consultant with IG Wealth Management.

He has been working with pre-retirement and retired clients for 25 years. He runs his successful financial planning practice in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Financial Planning for the Pre-retiree

Norm will speak about:

  • What is a financial plan?

  • What does it look like?

  • What does it do?

  • Do you need one?


Panel Presentation


Cathy Watts is a “rewired” physiotherapist who has found great delight in trying to get the whole city involved in active transportation.

Since retirement eight years ago she has volunteered for Saskatoon Cycles. Time is happily filled with grandchildren, shared interests with husband,  book club, exercise at the YWCA, annual canoe trip, daily transportation on her bike, civic engagement, and  lots of time for coffee with friends. She will go anywhere with anyone anytime. 


Jane McPhee

Jane's career as an Occupational therapist has spanned more than 33 years in B.C. and Saskatchewan. Retired from the Saskatoon Health Region 6 years ago, Jane is very active with the Saskatoon Council on Aging (SCOA). She advocates for older adults as she maintains a longstanding respect and admiration for the spirit of older adults and their desire to remain a vital part of the community in every way.

Jane is also involved in her church and serving on the SCOA Board and participates in the Age Friendly Community Development work, towards making Saskatoon a place where people can participate in a positive aging in an “Age Friendly” Community. She enjoys traveling, gardening, reading, taking part in the diverse opportunities the Saskatoon community's arts and culture has to offer, and enjoys our caring, strong and creative prairie people!

Tickets: Advance $39.99 plus GST; at the door $45 plus GST

Retirement Seminar
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Also at the Seminar


Shelley opened ProActive Fitness in October 2015. It is currently Saskatoon’s ONLY fitness facility dedicated to the mature client! We specialize in small group and private personal training for folks over 50 and we also offer Tai Chi.

Every workout is supervised by a personal trainer who is also a certified Functional Aging Specialist. We keep our groups small (max 6 at the beginner level) so clients receive individual attention to ensure their safety. We recognize that everyone is different, and our trainers can modify exercises as necessary to accommodate chronic issues and limitations.

We provide training based on the Functional Aging Training Model to help people move and FEEL better so they can continue to enjoy the things they love most for years to come!

At ProActive Fitness, we’re changing the way Saskatoon ages!


Sunset Travel Ltd. provides an alternative and convenient way for our customers to book hotels, flights, trains and everything in between for the purpose of travel and tourism. With our professional help we ensure an error-free experience so you can focus on the destination and not the details. 

Our main goal is for clients to experience a stress-free holiday from the moment you start planning with us to the moment you return.

Your magical experience begins and ends with us as we take care of all your booking needs . In this world of information overload, trust and rely on us to put together the best vacation package for you and your family.