Retirement Isn't Easy. 

You are part of the healthiest, wealthiest and best educated of any generation of retirees in history. Your retirement years should give you the best opportunities to rekindle old passions and discover new ones. But, research has shown that almost half of people entering into retirement struggle with difficulty transitioning into a post-career life.  

Retirement is More than Just Finances

Although many pre-retirees are concerned about their finances, money isn't the only thing on their minds. The impact of the non-financial issues like social and psychological factors plays a big role in your successful retirement. 

Retirement is Commonly an Emotional Time

Whether it’s missing the ‘comfort’ of a schedule, losing your identity or a sense of purpose, it’s common for people adjusting to retirement to experience a range of worries and fears.

Failing to Plan or Manage Has Consequences

For many people who don’t plan or manage the transition well, the consequences can be significant. Common issues include depression, alcohol or drug addiction and inactivity.

Are you close to retirement? Feeling worried or afraid? Take control of your retirement happiness and sign up for our free master class video. In this video you will learn tips for how to overcome the 10 most common fears people face as they enter retirement. 


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The right education and coaching can help you plan to successfully retire.

Watch for more retirement seminars coming soon!

Watch for more retirement seminars coming soon!

The Power UP Your Retirement Lifestyle Program is an online educational program which provides a high-quality video training series, group coaching, an on-line community and other educational resources focused on helping professional women 57 – 65 years old transition into a successful retirement. 

 The focus of the program is non-financial. Instead it focuses on helping you plan for a successful retirement. The goal is to help you plan for your transition from working full-time to retirement post-career and help you manage worry, sadness and fear so your retirement will be happy, meaningful and purposeful. You will generate insights, gain clarity and create a game plan to discover how to live your financially independent lives. 


Delivered by a certified professional coach.


Marielle Gauthier is certified in Intensive Coach Training with Results Coaching Systems; is an Accredited Professional Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF); a Certified Conversational Intelligence™ (C-IQ) Coach; and an Accredited Business Communicator (ABC) with the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).


Real World Experience and Advice


Marielle leverages her experience as an executive and personal coach to help support clients reach their retirement goals and lead happier and meaningful lives. Marielle is also approaching retirement herself and has realized that: ‘the best way to prepare for this fabulous opportunity is to develop a plan for myself’. She brings this ‘real-world’ and 'real-time' perspective to the work she does with her clients.


Value for Your Time


Throughout this transformational program you will generate a deeper understanding of what is important to you; gain clarity on what you really want in retirement; schedule time to focus on you and your desires; empower yourself to take action; get energized and excited about your retirement; make time for personal growth; gain a greater level of confidence; and develop a ready-to-implement action plan.

"Power Up Your Retirement Lifestyle Workshop is filled with ideas and concepts that will have you digging deeper into yourself than ever before. The workshop assists in having you search introspectively delving into your core and finding the true reasons about your upcoming retirement. The ways to visualize retirement and access it are laid out with the help of Coach Marielle. Come ready for this workshop - it will make you think and you will leave empowered to achieve your retirement goal.' - MAVIS, Program Participant

Join Others On The Same Journey

More than 400,000 Canadians retire each year and many people are in the same boat. This represents an opportunity to learn together. Power Up Your Retirement provides an online community where participants can connect and support each other. Here are three ways you can get started today.


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Access to our free webinar and email resources. Stay connected to us and continue to learn about our free retirement resources. 




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Power Up Your Retirement Lite

Access to our curated resource library, retiree videos and subject matter videos for one year.

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Access to our private group mastermind experience for one year, where you will get access to our curated resource library, retiree videos, subject matter expert videos, Power Up Program, private online community, 2 monthly 1 hour group coaching sessions, discounts on events and special offers, and a lot more.

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My Promise to You

I started the Power UP Your Retirement Lifestyle Program because of the lack of programs that support women to transition psychologically into retirement.  The program is  designed to specifically address the unique needs of the retiring woman as well as to provide a community to connect with other retiring peers.
My promise to you is to use my incredible passion to help you plan for a successful retired life. Leveraging my experience as a personal and executive coach, an adult educator, and a trainer, I will provide you with practical and useful educational content and group coaching opportunities to support you as you prepare to transition into retirement. I want you to be excited about living a happy, meaningful and purposeful retired life.