How can organizations support their pre-retirees to remain engaged and productive so they continue to positively impact the organization’s business results? 

Research has shown that almost half of people entering into retirement struggle with difficulty transitioning into a post-career life.  

Struggling with preparing themselves psychologically, as well as financially, this increased level of stress and anxiety is bound to have a negative impact in their current work role. 


Employees may not be fully engaged because they are more focused on their upcoming transition to retirement due to:

  • fears

  • uncertainty about their future

  • not feeling valued by the organization

  • resistance to change and

  • a decline in the quality of workplace relationships. 


Impacts on the workforce as well as costs to the organization are considerable and may include: 

  • a decrease in level of engagement

  • a decrease in productivity and performance

  • an increase in sick time and absenteeism

  • an increase in workplace conflicts

  • a decrease in the ability of attaining business results


It doesn’t have to be this way. As a strategic advisor, I help individuals to:

  • identify and work through and manage their fears and worries

  • dive deep to identify their core values, strengths, purpose and vision

  • take an introspective look at their current reality to identify areas they want to make changes in before they retire

  • gain clarity around how they want to live their retired life

  • create new life goals and

  • create a purpose-driven retirement lifestyle plan. 

Clients come to me to get results and make transformative change. I have experience helping individuals change unproductive patterns of thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours. I am a certified professional executive coach; hold a designation of Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation; a Certified Conversational Intelligence™ Coach; and an Accredited Business Communicator with the International Association of Business Communicators. 


By supporting your workforce to psychologically prepare and plan for their retirement, employees will be:

  • more engaged

  • more productive 

  • more committed and

  • happier

which will create a healthier organizational culture and improved business results. 

If you have individuals who would benefit from the ability to increase their productivity and quality of work while psychologically preparing for their transition to retirement please contact me at 306 370-6284 or email me at I welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

In the meantime, please click here for information on my Most Common Fears About Retirement masterclass webinar.


Marielle Gauthier

Results Certified Coach, ACC, Conversational Intelligence Coach, ABC

Executive, personal, team and group coaching